Vehicle Tracking For Fleets

Vehicle tracking systems are the electronic device, which is installed in the vehicle to allow the people who own the vehicle or the third party for tracking the vehicle’s current location. Vast majority of the modern vehicle tracking system make that are installed in your vehicle use of GPS (Global Psotiniong System) moudles for the accurate location of the vehicle. most systems also incopporates the communication components like the satellite or cellular transmitters in order to communicate location of the vehicle to the remote user. The information about the vehicle can be easily viewed on the electronic maps build on the specialized software or Internet.

The vehicle tracking systems generally used by the fleet operators for the fleet management functions including dispatch, routing, on board information in addition to security. Few other applications are monitoring the behavior of the driver like the employer of the employee and a parent of a teen driver.The tracking systems are well famous among the consumer vehicles in the form of theft prevention as well as retrieval device. The police can easily follow the emitted signal via the vehicle tracking  systems for vehicle and locate the location of the stolen vehicle. When the vehicle tracking systems used as the security system, the tracking system might serve as an addition or replacement for the conventional car alarm. Existence of the vehicle tracking device could be used for reducing the cost of the insurance since the loss risk of vehicle or vehicle maintenance falls down significantly.
The Vehicle tracking systems are generally used in following scenarios:
Stolen auto Recovery: Commercial as well as the consumer vehicles can be fitted with the GPS or RF units to enable the police to track and recover the vehicle. When in case of the LoJack the police also can start using the vehicle tracking system within the vehicle uunswervingly and follow the tracking signals.

Fleet management: At the time of managing the fleet of the vehicles, allocating the exact time and real location of drivers enables the management for meeting the needs of the customers in a more efficient way. Whether it is the service, delivery or some other multi vehicle enterprises, the drivers now just requires a mobile with Internet or telephony connection in order to be tracked inexpensively and dispatched proficiently.  

Asset tracking: The companies requiring tracking the valuable assets for the insurance or some other monitoring reasons can plot the real time asset place on the map and virtually monitor the operating and the movement status.

Field service management: The companies with the field service work team for the service including the maintenance or repair, should be able to execute the field workers time, scheduling the visits of the subsequent customers and operating these departments proficiently.    

Field sales: The mobile-sales professionals can easily access the real time location such as in the unknown areas, they could trace themselves and customers as well as prospects, avail the driving directions plus add the nearby last minute itineraries to appointments. Advantages include enhanced productivity, decreased driving time and the increased time spent along the customers as well as the prospects.

Trailer tracking: Logistics and haulage companies generally operate the Lorries with the detachable weight carrying units. The part of vehicle which drives the weight is called as cab and the weight units is called as the trailer. India and Pakistan are still unaware about what the vehicle tracking systems and its uses.

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